The aim of the network is to offer clients a fully integrated marketing solution.

Creative Network is a creative hub of three leading agencies. Journey, which used to be Creative Network, is a digital marketing agency, Pic PR handles public relations and Cheeky Sparrow is all about content and copywriting.

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Journey is a fully integrated digital agency that offers a perfect mix of creativity and marketing wisdom.

With an experienced team Journey’s primary objectives are to increase conversions, direct bookings and ultimately R.O.I for your hospitality and tourism business.

Whatever you come to us for, we take the time to understand you and your unique passion. This is what gives us an added personal touch that our clients really love.

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Pic PR

Pic PR is new PR. With the combination of PR and photography, the right pictures and words are put together to create a perfect image for your brand.

This approach guarantees to reach key audiences through relevant mainstream media outlets, online platforms and direct marketing channels.

Pic PR provides media relations activity, social media management, through to direct marketing support, photography and video.

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Cheeky Sparrow

Cheeky Sparrow is a team of copywriters and content strategists who genuinely enjoy writing inspirational copy.

The team has relevant writing and marketing qualifications, so they really do know what they’re doing.

Whether you want your customers to fall in love with your products, or to spread the word to others, or to pick up the phone and talk to you; what drives all these actions is good content and this is what Cheeky Sparrow can provide.

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More about Creative Network

The three companies all fall under the umbrella brand ‘Creative Network’ and offer an experienced team of experts in marketing, digital website design, public relations, copywriting and social media. Each agency can work individually, as a twin or all three together as one big family. So whether you’re a young hospitality business or an established conglomerate, we can provide a service for you.

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